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Published on: September 23, 2007

When I added the SAC section to my site and new galleries with ASCII, ANSI and pixel art that were not created by me, did I say to myself “why not add other great art to the site as well”.

Neo Tokyo ANSI by Somms/ACiD

I was also inspired by who did an amazing job of making ANSI art available to look at on the web.

Razor 1911 ANSI by Zebig/Razor 1911

I don’t want to create a file archive where you can find a lot of art, but have to download it first and use special software to be able to look at it. Jason Scott over at is doing a great job doing that.

The new galleries are only the beginning. More will come over time.

Okay check out the new ASCII Art Gallery and the new ANSI Art Gallery.

ASCII Skull – taken from the
Night Rising World ASCII by Olli/Black Maiden

Famous Che Guevara head shot.
Taken from the MIM NFO ASCII by m0/Chemical Reactions

New Gallery Feature
You will notice in detail page of the ASCII art pieces new buttons in the top left: “Snapshot Image”, “Text Version” and “Original (DL)”.

Razor 1911 NFO file logo by JED/ACiD

“Snapshot Image” is the default display mode. The ASCIIs (and ANSIs) are converted with a tool called PHP AnsiLove to a PNG image. This happens in real time based on the original ASCII or ANSI file. The result is very close to the looks of the text art in MS DOS.

“Text Version” is what it says, the real text version of the ASCII. I wrote a converter to convert ASCIIs to Unicode. The font used is “Lucida Console” for the display on the web.

I am not sure if looks right on all systems and browsers, which is the reason that I did not make it the default display option.

I want to write a converter for ANSI as well, which converts the ANSI.sys “escape codes” to HTML. It is not done yet, thus no buttons are available in the details of the ANSIs yet.

Avatar FTP Site Advert by Darrix

“Original (DL)” was there all the time. It is also available at the bottom of the page for ANSIs. It is the option to download the original .ASC or .ANS file to your local hard drive.

I hope you will like those new additions to the site. Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions here at my blog.


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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