DefCon Session Videos – Batch II

Sorry for the delayed 2nd batch of DefCon 15 session and panel videos, but Google Video had issues this week. The up-loader was not working at all for a while and then followed huge delays because of their random tests of content to make sure that it does not violate their policies jadajadajada.

The Session Videos – Batch II

This batch contains the remaining videos of track 1. I will continue to work on track 2,3,4 and 5 and hope that Google will not have as much issues anymore that I can publish the videos faster.

To demonstrate to you how sorry I am about the delay, here three goodies to change your mood.

  1. Def Con Media Archive. The media archive has hundreds of megabytes of content (PDF’s, Tools, Code, PowerPoint Slides, MP3 and MP4 movies) from the past 15 Def Cons available for download
  2. DefCon CD-ROMS for Def Con 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. I mentioned it in the comments of my post for batch one, but I am sure that a lot of people missed it
  3. Def Con 15 sessions Audio – All audio recordings of the Def Con 15 sessions. They are only up for a limited time, because I put them on and the storage time there is limited. I am looking for a permanent place for them to store on the net and will let you know when I found one. Until then, use this opportunity and download them now (about 900MB)

Okay, now to the main event, the promised Def Con 15 Videos, part II.

  1. T101 – Making of the DEFCON 15 Badges by Joe Grand
  2. T102 – Q&A with Bruce by Bruce Schneier

  3. T103 – Turn-Key Pen Test Labs by Thomas Wilhelm
  4. T104 – How I Learned to Stop Fuzzing and Find More Bugs by Jacob west
  5. T105 – Convert Debugging – Circumventing Software Armoring Techniques by Danny Quist & Valsmith
  6. T106 – Functional Fuzzing with Funk by Benjamin Kurtz
  7. T108 – Intelligent Debugging for vuln-dev by Damien Gomez
  8. T110 – Comparing Application Security Tools by Edward Lee
  9. T133 – Pen-testing Wi-Fi by Aaron Peterson

  10. T134 – Hacking EVDO by King Tuna

  11. T135 – Multipot – A More Potent Variant of Evil Twin by K.N.Gopinath
  12. T136 – The Next Wireless Frontier – TV White Spaces by Doug Mohney
  13. T138 – GeoLocation of Wireless Access Points and “Wireless GeoCaching” by Ricky Hill
  14. T139 – Being in the Know… Listening to and Understanding Modern Radio Systems by Brett Neilson
  15. T141 – Hardware Hacking for Software Geeks by nosequitor & Ab3nd
  16. T142 – The Church of WiFi Presents: Hacking Iraq by Michael Schearer
  17. T165 – Intranet Invasion With Anti-DNS Pinning by David Byrne

Don’t forget:
DefCon 15 session videos Batch I


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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