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Published on: September 11, 2007

This time did I had again a few issues with Google Video. Three videos were uploaded and shown as successful in Google Video’s desktop uploader tool, but are nowhere to be found on the Google Video website. Did I mention that the upload speed is damn slow too?

The Session Videos – Batch III

This is the 2nd largest batch of all four batches. It contains 36 videos. The first one had 47, the second one only 17 and the last one will only have 25 as well. 47 + 17 + 36 + 25 = 125. Oops, I miscounted the number of sessions in my first post. I thought it would be 122 videos only. Well, the more the merrier. :)

I just finished the download of the content from the DefCon website. They have the sessions of DefCon 13 (2005) up for the most part, in video and audio format plus the presentations and extras. All in all about 8 GB of data :). If their numbering system means anything, then there seem to be a few presentations missing for unknown reason. Also no sign of any video or audio recording from DefCon 14 last year.

Btw. If you want to buy the DVD-ROMs rather than watch them online, go to this website and get them for the bargain price of $499.00. (I got them for the super-bargain price of only $299)… I know what you are thinking… WTF?

Right, the price of the recordings is ridicules high. Wasn’t the mission of DefCon to raise awareness about security issues and holes in systems that admins and users can take steps against it?

Most security guys in the world are not able to make it to DefCon.
Video is a great medium to communicate a number of issues to people who were unable to attend and listen to the stuff in person. I bet that a lot of those guys also don’t get the expenses paid for spending $300 or $500 on a set of educational DVD-ROMs.

DefCon should make them available for free on the Net and the DVD-Roms for a price that covers the manufacturing and delivery cost. It would be great PR and advertising for the show. DefCon could use a service provider that allows to require registration to access the free videos to build n email list to send conference updates to and some very targeted and limited advertising.

To pay for the video production by a professional 3rd party service, raise the DefCon admission fee by $5-$10. There would be a good argument for the raise of the fee. Attendees will be able to watch sessions they visited and also the ones they skipped in favor for another for free from the office or home. $5-$10 extra does not sound an awful lot for what people would get in return for it.

Outsourcing the production of the videos is fine, but the selling and distribution of them by a 3rs party is not. Something to think about.

Remaining Sessions for DefCon 15 (2007) Track 2

  1. T203 Z-Phone by Phillip Zimmermann
  2. T204 OpenBSD Remote Exploit and Another IPv6 Vulnerabilities by Alfredo Ortega
  3. T205 MQ Jumping by Martyn Ruks
  4. T208 Revolutionizing the Field of Grey-box Attack Surface Testing with Evolutionary Fuzzing by Jared DeMott, Dr. Richard Enbody & Dr. Bill Punch
  5. T209 How Smart is Intelligent Fuzzing – or – How Stupid is Dumb Fuzzing? by Charlie Miller
  6. T210 INTERSTATE: A Stateful Protocol Fuzzer for SIP by Ian G. Harris
  7. T211 One Token to Rule Them All by Luke Jennings
  8. T231 Multiplatform Malware Within the .NET-Framework by Paul Ziegler
  9. T233 44 Lines About 22 Things That Keep Me Up at Night by Agent X
  10. T236 Virtualization: Enough Holes to Work Vegas by D.J.Capelis
  11. T237 Homeless Vikings, (Short-Lived bgp Prefix Hijacking and the Spamwars) by Dave Josephsen
  12. T241 Greetz from Room 101 by Kenneth Geers
  13. T242 Estonia and Information Warfare by Gadi Evron
  14. T261 The Completion Backward Principle by geoffrey
  15. T262 Boomstick Fu: The Fundamentals of Physical Security at its Most Basic Level by Deviant Ollam, Noid, Thorn, Jur1st
  16. T263 Locksport: An Emerging Subculture by Schuyler Towne
  17. T264 Satellite Imagery Analysis by Greg Conti
  18. T265 High Insecurity: Locks, Lies, and Liability by Marc Weber Tobias & Matt Fiddler

Remaining Sessions for DefCon 15 (2007) Track 2

  1. T302 Aliens Cloned My Sheep by Major Malfunction
  2. T303 Breaking Forensics Software by Chris Palmer & Alex Stamos
  3. T305 Cool Stuff Learned from Competing in the DC3 Digital Forensic Challenge by David C. Smith
  4. T306 Windows Vista Log Forensics by Rich Murphey
  5. T308 CiscoGate by The Dark Tangent
  6. T311 Hack Your Car for Boost and Power!by Aaron Higbee
  7. T331 A Crazy Toaster: Can Home Devices Turn Against Us? by Dror Shalev
  8. T332 IPv6 is Bad for Your Privacy by Janne Lindqvist
  9. T333 Injecting RDS-TMC Traffic Information Signals a.k.a. How to freak out your Satellite Navigation by Andrea Barisani
  10. T335 Unraveling SCADA Protocols: Using Sulley Fuzzer by Ganesh Devarajan
  11. T336 Hacking the Extensible Firmware Interface by John Heasman
  12. T339 Kernel Wars by Joel Eriksson, Karl Janmar, Claes Nyberg, Christer ??berg
  13. T340 (un)Smashing the Stack: Overflows, Counter-Measures, and the Real World by Shawn Moyer
  14. T341 Remedial Heap Overflows: dlmalloc styl by atlas
  15. T342 Thinking Outside the Console (box) by Squidly1
  16. T364 LAN Protocol Attacks Part 1 – Arp Reloaded by Jesse D???Aguanno
  17. T365 Entropy-Based Data Organization Tricks for Log and Packet Capture Browsing by Sergey Bratus
  18. T366 Securing Linux Applications With AppArmor by Crispin Cowan

1st batch of session videos
2nd batch of session videos

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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