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Date : September 11, 2007


DefCon 15 Session Videos – Batch III – Uno Mas

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Published on: September 11, 2007

This time did I had again a few issues with Google Video. Three videos were uploaded and shown as successful in Google Video’s desktop uploader tool, but are nowhere to be found on the Google Video website. Did I mention that the upload speed is damn slow too? The Session Videos – Batch III This is the 2nd largest batch of all four batches. It contains 36 videos. The first one had 47, the second one only 17 and the last one will only have 25 as well. 47 + 17 + 36 + 25 = 125. Oops, I miscounted the number of sessions in my first post. I thought it would be 122 videos only. Well, the more the merrier. I just finished the download of the content from the DefCon website. They have the sessions of DefCon 13 (2005) up for the most part, in video and audio format plus the presentations and extras. All in all about 8 GB of data :). If their numbering system means anything, then there seem to be a few presentations missing for unknown reason. Also no sign of any video or audio recording from DefCon 14 last year.Btw. If you want to buy the DVD-ROMs rather than watch them online, go to this website and get them for the bargain price of $499.00. (I got them for the super-bargain price of only $299)… I know what you are thinking… WTF? RamblingRight, the price of the recordings is ridicules high. Wasn’t the[…]

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