Kooza Video, Le Reve Update and More Cirque Du Soleil

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Published on: August 17, 2007

I discovered an extended 30 minutes press conference for the new Cirque Du Soleil show “Kooza”, which started touring in 2007.

It includes presentations of some of the acts from the show. Some of the artists need obviously still some training, because some errors were made. I am sure that they are now pretty much flawless. After almost every day one or two shows for the last 4 months, should they be able to perform their routines in their sleeps.

The juggler (biggest part) was doing his routine flawless, and boy, what a routine. I saw him before (not the same performance) on Cirque Du Soleil Solstrom DVDs and noticed how good he was, but he topped that performance and then some.

Next to the intro part are also two additional parts (next to the juggler) in the video. They are performed by the Cirque Du Soleil “House Troupe” and are the acts they perform are called “Charivari” and include acrobatics, human pyramids and rebounds from three miniature trampolines.

However, the video will give you a pretty good idea of what the final show does actually look like. Got your tickets? I got mine for November in San Francisco.

Here is the Video.

Backup URL to video

Update on My Favorite Show: Le Reve

I watched “Le Reve” a second time, last month, when I was in Las Vegas again. I got the premium VIP package, with champaigne, strawberries and video monitor that showed some of the underwater action or shots from the top straight down.

I noticed a bunch of changes to the show, since I saw it over a year ago in April, 2006 and I am not sure, if I like them.

The show was this time not as impressive as when I watched it for the first time and became a hardcore Cirque Du Soleil fan and started watching as much of their shows as I could.

I also have to say that I don’t think that the VIP package is the best deal in the house. I was sitting at the very top row and most of the action was actually happening beneith rather than in front or above me. I know why they put the VIP seats up there. That made it easier for the servants to refill your champaigne glass and ask you, if everything is fine.

However, I think that the seats further down, right after the “splash zone”, where you get wet, are the best seats. I guess I will have to watch the show once more and this time really go for the lower seats. I was sitting more towards the top rows when I watched it the first time, although it was not as high as this time.

I will revise my top Cirque Du Soleil show list for now and change it to:

  1. “KA”
  2. The Beatles “Love”
  3. “O”
  4. “Varekai”
  5. “Le Reve” (unofficial CDS show)

You might noticed “Love” on the number 2. spot. Yeah, I watched it also when I was in Vegas last month. It’s a great show and from the overall style much similar to “Le Reve”, rather than “classic” Cirque style. The question is: Who copied who? Dragone, the creator of “Le Reve”, from the creator of “Love” or vice versa? mmh…

Great show! Must see (after you watched “KA”).

Anyway, I still love the music from “Le Reve” the most. Music does a lot to the overall impression of a show. I guess a Cirque fan who also loves the Beatles will be in heaven, if he watches the show at the MGM Mirrage.

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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