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Date : May 21, 2007


Star Craft II Announced – Finally

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Published on: May 21, 2007

I was still in Germany when Blizzard Entertainment released Star Craft and in Switzerland when they released the first and only Star Craft add-on titled Brood Wars.I am in the United States since 2000. That is over seven years. It has been 9 years since I left Germany. This is an eternity in the realms of computer and video games. Star Craft was for Windows 95, Windows 98 was not even released yet. Do you remember Windows 98? Yeah, it is the Windows Version that was replaced by Windows XP, which was replaced this year by Windows Vista, that long. While some spin off games were released for the Nintendo 64 (which was replaced by the GameCube and then by the Wii) did nothing happened on the PC. Warcraft 3 was released and the World of Warcraft, the huge online mass multi player success, which is played by millions of fans for years.Star Craft fans started to believe that Blizzard would never release a sequel to the game, due to the overwhelming success of their Warcraft property.Well, we were wrong. This weekend did not only rumors about a Star Craft sequel spread around the internet, but also videos that proved it. Actually Blizzard Entertainment themselves announced officially the long awaited sequel to Star Craft.Here is the official announcement trailer for Star Craft 2 by Blizzard EntertainmentAll THREE VIDEOS USED IN THIS POST WERE REMOVED BY YOUTUBE BECAUSE OF TERMS OF SERVICE VIOLATIONS. SUCKERS! MOVIE 1Here is a not-so-official video of[…]

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