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Date : February 2007


Cirque Du Soleil Goes Super Bowl with LOVE

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Published on: February 12, 2007

I knew about the Pregame show of Cirque Du Soleil for the XLI Super Bowl on February, 4th 2007 between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts in Miami Florida, but somehow managed to miss it anyway. I am German and not a fan of american Football so I did not really care for the game. I was occupied with other things and before I knew it was it too late. Darn. God bless the Internet. I was able to find a video of the Show and would like to share it with you. Here it is. Enjoy. While I was digging for the video of the Super Bowl pregame show, did I stumble across the Gala Video of the Cirque Du Soleil production “The Beatles??? LOVE” which is currently running at the MGM Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. LOVE is one of the two shows of the Cirque, which I have not seen yet. The Second one is Zumanity. While Zumanity breaks new grounds for the Cirque in regards to Sex and Erotic, does LOVE break new ground or is it old ground? Well the “mushroom heads” were popular in the sixteens when there was no Cirque. Well, the following Video gives you a glimpse of the show and it’s style. It seems to be a great show for old school fans of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Star as well as for new school Cirque Du Soleil fans like me. Enjoy[…]


History of Text Art Video by RaD Man / ACiD

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Published on: February 11, 2007

I “messed around” with the Wikipedia article to ASCII art today. Okay, I did not mess with it, but rather cleaned it up and extended it a bit. This was triggered by a video of a friend of mine who is a well known figure in the underground text art scene with the name Christian Wirth. Back to ASCII Art AcademyOkay, he is not known by that name, but by his scene “Handle” which is RaD Man. RaD Man was a senior member of the art group Aces of ANSI art in 1989, which is the first known underground text art group on the PC and founded a year after, in 1990, the probably best known and respected ANSI art group with the name ACiD. ACiD stands for ANSI Creators in Demand. RaD Man was in Finland a couple years ago at the Assembly Demo party and was doing a presentation about the History of Text art. The presentation is about 1 hour long and covers the early forms of text art starting at the ancient Rome, to Typewriter art, Radio Teletype or RTTY, Atari ATASCII art and C-64 PETSCII art to Amiga 500+ Oldskool art and PC Block or High ASCII art and Newskool. The climax is the presentation of some impressive Textmode demos that are of relative young age (2002 and later). You can get the video, gigabytes of Text art and related material such as Tools and Editors, DiscMags and Source Code on DVD. RaD Man published[…]

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