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Date : February 14, 2007


How Could I Miss This?

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Published on: February 14, 2007

I had my first anniversary 11 days ago on February 3rd, 2006. Anniversary, huh? Yeah! This might be not so important to you, but it is, or should be (at least) be for me. Gee, if I forget something like this, what about wedding anniversaries one day. My future wife is going to kill me. Well, I am safe today, since I am not married. I am single, busy single single = no girl friend. No valentines day gifts to forget. Yeah, it’s today, Valentines Day. You forgot that? I guess you have a wife, fianc?? or other long term relationship. You would have remembered otherwise hehe.Okay, now jokes aside. Ten days ago was my 1st Blogger anniversary. That’s right, One year and ten days ago did I setup my first blog and posted my first blog entry, EVER!The first blog was this one and it started out as a blog on the domain. It moved on the same month to and in August 2006 to it current location at Blog got temporarily “hijacked”, metaphorical speaking, during the summer last year, when a business issue made me “abuse” my private art related blog (in a broader sense) to discuss issues that are as far off topic as a pork chops recipe on a Islamic or Jewish orthodox blog (conservative and reformed too for that matter, but that’s not the point).I got it back in July and moved my business related blogging to, a blog dedicated to[…]


Keyboard Text Art From Over Twenty Years Before ASCII

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Published on: February 14, 2007

The Modern Merchanix Blog published in March, April and July 2006 three remarkable examples of nineteen thritees and fourties typewriter art, also known as keyboard art.Back to ASCII Art AcademyThe artwork was found in various preserved issues of the magazine “Popular Science” from 1939 and 1948. The Popular Science Magazine is still publishing today. They also have a website with a lot of (current ;)) content online. Visit the Popular Science Magazine Website. The art was created by the artists on classic mechanical typewriter machines. “Personal” Computers did not exist at that time yet, the term computer was not coined yet either and the ASCII standard was still 20-30 years away in the future.The following example is from 1939. One year earlier in 1938 did Germany???s Konrad Zuse finish the Z1, one of the first binary digital computers and a machine that could be controlled through a punch tape. The project started in 1936 and the Z1 is considered by many the “first computer” and Konrad Zuse the “Inventor of the modern Computer”.Source: Popular Science Magazine, Issue: 6-1939 Typewriter Artist Produces Pictures Like Tapestryby Rosaire J. BelangerPictures that resemble tapestry are produced with a typewriter by Rosaire J. Belanger, a mill worker in Saco, Me. Belanger first draws a pencil sketch on a sheet of paper, then inserts it in his typewriter and fills in the sketch with various characters to produce shading and outlines. With carbon paper, he transfers the picture onto graph paper, and copies it on blank[…]

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