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I was busy at the Affiliate Summit conference and expo which was held this Sunday to Tuesday (yesterday) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I decided not to return to Fresno on Tuesday already, but stay the night and enjoy a show. That was not as easy than I thought, because every Cirque Du Soleil show except one was not running. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday seem to be the “Weekend” for most shows, giving the performers a break from their performances.

Myst??re was on at the Treasure Island hotel and casino, which is one of the shows I have not seen yet (pfeuh). I got the best ticket I could get for $104,50, which placed me right in the center in the 6th Row, nice.

I was obviously not the only one from the Summit that decided to enjoy themselves, because only a few rows behind me was sitting a well known Affiliate Manager from the Summit.

The show was nice, but nothing spectacular. It was not a surprise for me, because I have seen most of the acts already at the Solstrom TV Series. I liked the Music a lot though.

Here is the Myst??re Trailer directly from the Cirque du Soleil website.

I also saw for the first time a performer “slip”, literally. The performer of the final routine of the Aerial High Bar missed the performer on the swing below him and dropped. This was a reminder why there is a safety net underneath the structure which is located 40 feet above the ground. This little mistake would have hurt a lot more than just the performers pride if it would not have been for the safety net.

So, that removes one more Cirque show from my “To-See” list. Two more to go. “Zumanity” and “Love” was unfortunately not running. I wanted to see Zumanity too. Well, next time.

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Published on: January 25, 2007

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