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Date : January 16, 2007


I Admit It. I am a CirqueFAN. Deal With It!!!

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Published on: January 16, 2007

It is no secret that I am a big Cirque Du Soleil fan. The first show I saw was the inoffical show from Dragone called Le Reve, which is currently shown at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Casino. It is to this day my favorite Cirque Show to date. I have seen all but three alright which are Zumanity, Mystere and Love. And it will be 4 shows I have not seen in April this year. Why? That’s Why. I play again with the Idea to hop over to Montreal/Canada on a weekend in April or May to see it. I had the ticket, opening week (day 3 or 4), last front-row seat in my basket. But it knew that I could not go, because Canada is not part of the United States (yet) and I have currently no travel documents thus can leave but not get back in to go home (It is as ridiculis as it sounds, trust me). Well things changed a bit. The situation still sucks, but it seems that I will be able to get travel documents again at the end of March, beginning of April. Mhh.. What did “The Clash” say? …. “should I stay or should I go?” I am undecided. While I am thinking about it, check out this video which I found at It uis about 9 minutes long and shows several scenes from the show. It also introduces each of the main theme songs. Did I mention that[…]

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