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Date : November 25, 2006


ANSI and ASCII Text Art as Print!

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Published on: November 25, 2006

Mhhh… It seems that I post at my ASCII and ANSI Text Art blog always in pairs now. I should better plan those things I guess, but the heck, who cares. Okay, here is post number two for today.I took the new deviantART Prints Service for a spin, which was launched parallel with the new deviantART shop. I made two of my deviations available for purchase for your and my own pleasure.Fans of ANSI and ASCII Text will probably love it. I already ordered one of each for myself.For all the Fans of dA and ANSI Text Art is the left piece available (click the image for the LARGE Version, 1390×1165) and for all Fans of the ASCII Text Art the right one. Buy ANSI Print Buy ASCII Print Following formats and item types are available for each of the two with the price right next to it (I ordered for myself the Mousepads): CanvasCanvas Prints 28×36 cm $78.95 Regular PrintsLustre Prints 25×30 cm $15.49 Matte Prints 25×30 cm $12.79 Glossy Prints 25×30 cm $12.79 MagnetsSmall Magnet $4.95 Large Magnet $6.95 ?? Postcards Matte Postcard $2.49 Glossy Postcard $2.49 OtherMouse Pad Mouse Pad $9.95 Coaster Set of 4 Coasters $20.25 Enjoy! Carsten aka Roy/SAC


Chemical Reaction (cRO)

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Published on: November 25, 2006

It took me 5 months, but I finally managed to create the Wikipedia entry for the fellow Artscene group cHEMICAL rEACTION or simply cRO.I talked with Dennis aka Radiators, the founder and ex-leader of the group and Amgits at the #cRO channel at EFNet about this in June. Dennis sent me some graphics and Amgits found an old cRO history in the Google cache. The current cRO Website does unfortunately not have a history page to draw information from.I am glad that I finally managed to get this done and of my very long list of things to do and I am sure that it will be appreciated by the ex- and current cRO members as well as other old-school sceners who remember the creations of this fine art group.The cRO entry is a good addition to the already existing artscene groups entries at Wikipedia. They are now recognized along with other famous art groups like ACiD (ANSI creators in demand) and of course SAC (Superior art creations).If you see any errors or missing information in the article, don’t hesitate and simply change the wikipedia entry yourself. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, shoot me an email and I will do it for you.Cheers,Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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