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Date : August 28, 2006


Dream Design 16-32 Colors Pixel Art (Amiga 500)

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Published on: August 28, 2006

I had over the last few days a chitchat with a fellow deviant about his deviantion which required him to do work manually without fancy tools, like it used to be in the old days when gfx on the computer was still pixeled by hand.We talked about that and I made a comment about my Friend Dream Design who was one of the 5 first SAC Members when we founded the Group back in December 1994. We was still using his Amiga 500 for his pixel art. He was more restricted that we were on the PC. He had to work with only 32 colors and a resolution of 320×256 (PC VGA 320×200 256 Colors).I still have his stuff on my computer and decided to show some of his best work, remember max. 32 colors, pixeled. No Filters, so Special brushes, no digital camera, no scanners, no graphic tablet (he used the mouse).Dream Design made the top 10 best pixel artists on the Amiga 500 at some point. There were a lot more and better artists on the Amiga than on the PC at the time, I just say J.O.E. , Peachy and Angeldawn. He teached me some lessons what I really appreciated. DD was flat out what you call a Genius. He understood perspective, lighting and shading like nobody else I ever met. Its funny how I met him. He almost wanted to hit me for a comment about one of his best pieces he finalized on a small[…]

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