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Date : June 2, 2006


ANSI/ASCII Text Art Galleries back up again

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Published on: June 2, 2006

After some time re-configuring and re-installing PHP on our Windows 2003 Web Server did I finally managed to get the AnsiLove Script to work again. All Text Art Galleries are now up and running again and ready to be checked out by anybody who is curious about this unique type of art. There are still some minor issues I have to solve, but they are not affecting the domain, nor the Shopping Portal.I am still not 100% certain, what the problem caused in the first place. I have some ideas, which I have to check a bit more. This little issues was just another one in a long chain of issues that pop-up out of nowhere recently which throws me a bit off with time lines for my planned projects. It is getting close to my vacation. I will be gone for 15 business days. I will leave during the next 2-3 weeks. The exact date is not set yet because a friend organizes free flights to Greece for me and another friend. This means, that I will take of in a matter of less than 24 hours. The Trip and the Time frame was already planned since last October. It will be the long overdue time off to get some sleep and all the work, personal and Immigration related issues out of my head to actually spend some time simply enjoying myself, a good time with friends among friendly people, good food, good music and a lot[…]

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