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Date : May 28, 2006


My Art Galleries Launched – Over 700 pieces of Text Art

Categories: ANSI, Artscene, ASCII, Oldskool, SAC, Tools
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Published on: May 28, 2006

I came across a nice php script called AnsiLove last week. The Script converts original ANSI and ASCII files to an Image in real-time. The characters are rendered correctly and the DOS Ansi colors are correct as well. The Font used is true to the original MS DOS font. I was delighted.The Script is also easy to use and I was able to add it to my Website in no time at all. I spent in the past a lot of time making screen shots of my ANSI’s and ASCII’s with a Screen Capture Tool and the ANSI/ASCII Viewer ACiDView for Windows (which can be found at my download page). All my sample art on my Roy/SAC Text Artist Homepage and my “deviations” at my deviantARTArtist Page were done this way. I have to continue using this method for my deviantART pieces for two reasons though. First because I have to upload my Art to their Servers and second am I also adding some comments with background information for each piece of Art. I believe this to be a good thing to do, because it gives the viewer a bit more insight about the times and events surrounding the creation of the Art Work. Okay, I can’t use it for my deviantART stuff, but I was able to put all my 700+ pieces of ASCII and ANSI Art on to my Website with a very small amount of effort. This is great!When I was working on the Scripts to display[…]

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