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Date : May 4, 2006


Google issues getting worse and worse

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Published on: May 4, 2006

If probably heard in the News or from an internet savvy friend about Google’s Big Daddy update and the mounting problems that developed since the update was started at the beginning of February. My business site, the comparison shopping portal was affected by the Google problems as were hundreds of others. It have been very frustrating months for everybody who got “hit” by this. The worst thing of all is, that there is nothing we can do about it, but wait and hope that Google gets it’s act straight and that everything will be back to normal rather sooner than later.It started last summer with Google’s Big 3 Phase Jagger Update. The goal of Jagger was to detect spam and duplicate content better and cleanse the Google Search Index from millions of pages of junk. The Jagger update caused serious problems for our Websites. We were not the only sites that got problems. A lot of other sites. Google was able to remove a lot of Spam from their Index, but removed together with the Spam a lot of legit and valuable content.The last months of 2005 were pretty much like a roller coaster ride for us: Added to the Index, Loosing Pages, Removed, Appearing, Growing and the same from the beginning again. To make the story short; our Google traffic during the peak of the holidays was virtually nothing.Google Engineer Matt Cutts posted on 10/19/2005 at his blog what Webmasters should do, who’s websites dropped out of the[…]

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