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Date : May 1, 2006


WikiTruth a Hoax, Banned and Deleted from Wikipedia!

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Published on: May 1, 2006 is a site that was started by 12 Wikipedia Administrators that “left” Wikipedia after years of contribution due unbearable “bureaucratic warfare” and especially after seeing an increase in active censorship taking place at at an alarming rate. does not only describe internal workings at Wikipedia from an insider perspective, but also published several of the Articles that were “deleted” at Wikipedia on their Website. Reported by The Guardian on 4/13/2006.The Story was “dugg” to the homepage of on 4/16/2006. The resulting crash of the Website was caused by the sudden traffic onslaught and not as bad tounges speculated by some angry “Jimbo Wales” loyal Wikipedians that disapprove the content of the Wikitruth site.It also started some controversy at SlashDot on 4/16/2006 with over 500 comments by Slashdot’s Readers.Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales claimed less than 2 weeks ago about the protest site: “It’s a hoax,” Wales said of Wikitruth. “There’s no evidence at all that there are any Wikipedia administrators associated with it.” Reported 4/17/2006 by TechWeb.comIn the same Article did he state: “It’s almost certainly people who have been banned by Wikipedia,” Wales said. The news were picked up by Newspapers and Magazines around the world. The renowned german magazin ““Der Spiegel” reported about Wikitruth and Jim Wales statement on 4/18/2006. See the Post in the middle of the Page with the Headline: “Jimmy Wales: WikiTruth nur ein Hoax”Now it seems are not just “people” getting banned from Wikipedia, but even links to from[…]

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