The Fool on April Fools day

Lolly, an Admin at seized the opportunity on April Fools day to fool a lot of Deviant’s with his article about the new Web 2.0 powered mock-up of

This Article caused comments from thousands and thousands of mostly shocked Deviant’s worldwide. C’mon, this joke was so obvious, that even a blind man could have seen it.

A close look at the mock-up itself and you can tell right away, that this is a joke, not to mention that the mock-up looks ugly and not dA worthy nor make the shown features any sense for a site like deviantART.

The thing with the creative commons license “NC-1701-D” was actually funny (Trekkies know) and the “powered by AJAX V1.5″ should trigger a laugh or at least a smile from any Web Developer.

I could not resist and jump on to this bandwagon and counter proposed an alternative mock-up for a new version of The people that were not fooled had a good laugh. I am always amazed how easy people can be fooled.

The Mock ups

Lolly’s version of deviantART with Web 2.0 Technology, including Tag Cloud.

My Alternative Mock up of

And while I had so much fun, did I create a fun Version of “my” Windows Desktop, which can be seen here.

I also did something more serious and finished my entry for the “Art of Threes Resolution” contents which is titled “The Three Styles of …” and about the Three Styles of the PC Underground (Text) Art Scene during the time of when BBS’s ruled the earth and the Internet was still in its infancies.

Carsten a.k.a. Roy/SAC

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Published on: April 2, 2006

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