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Date : April 6, 2006


My personal Virtual Trade Show Experience

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Published on: April 6, 2006

This post is a bit business related. It has to with my Internet Marketing activities. Anyhow, the reason is a different one. I like to describe my experiences and the look and feel with my first Virtual Trade Show / Expo I ever attended. It’s the eComXpo The Virtual Tradeshow for eCommerce Marketers happening completely virtual in cyberspace since April 4th until today April 6th. If you get a chance, check it out yourself. Admission is free for visitors. What amazed me what the general presentation when you are in the Virtual Exhibit Halls which give you the actual feeling of a busy and crowded Exhibit Hall in the real world, such as Affiliate Summit. The Noise, the look. You have virtual Booth’s of Exhibitors you can visit. Chat with people at the booth or other attendees that are “walking around” on the Exhibit Floor. You can collect Documents and add them to your virtual Briefcase, exchange Virtual Business Cards, the whole deal you would get from a real world expo, but without the need to travel, booking flights and hotel rooms and the other costly expenses you get automatically when it is a show at a physical location which requires to attend physically. In this case can you enter the Expo without wearing a uncomfortable suit. A pajama will do just fine. you also don’t have to walk and spent the time to find the booths of presenters or people you know who are just a visitor as you[…]

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