I am getting spoiled on my Birthday

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Published on: March 26, 2006

In a few weeks is my birthday coming up. I did not plan anything special, may be dinner with some friends and some drinks in my favorite bar here in Fresno, that’s it.

Well, It happened by coincidence, that I got this week an Invitation to the Wynn Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. This has to do with my Internet Project ConsumerMatch.com.

Wynn decided to invite their Affiliates to “get the full experience of staying at the hotel as a guest”. Hey, who says NO to that. The “Wynn Famtour” will be from April 12 to April 14. April 14th is my birthday.

The Tour includes a two 2 nights stay at the Hotel, for FREE. A complimentary Dinner at their famous Daniel Boulud French Brasserie, a free Dinner at their Bufet and Free Tickets to their famous new Shows Avenue Q and Le Reve. Don’t be jealous, this does not happen all the time. The trip to Vegas is not paid though, but that’s not the problem, because I live in Fresno/CA which is not too far away. I just use 25,000 of my Bonus Miles and voila, flight is taken care of as well. My business partner can not come so I invited a friend who supports me a lot to come along instead. Another 25,000 for a second plane ticket and a call to Wynn and everything was taken care of.

Don’t get it wrong, It will not all be fun. We will spend some hours during the day with their Marketing staff to get to know the property better and discuss ways how we as Affiliate can help to promote their new Resort which just opened last year. I think this idea to invite us to get a good Idea what we are promoting on our sites, search engnes and ezines is a very good idea. I am probably not the only one who is already writing about this give away which is in fact already good marketing for Wynn. A win win situation and fun for everybody. Not bad. I wish this would happen more often.

I will blog about my experience when I come back.

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