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Date : February 12, 2006


How things happen such as this Blog

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Published on: February 12, 2006

It is sometimes funny how things happen in life and take unexpected turns, trigger a chain reaction you did not expect to happen when you started something for a complete different reason. Exactly this happened when I did the redesign of my families Homepage between Christmas and New Year. It was only a single page with a family photo, Family Members Names and contact Information plus some text talking a bit about me, my move to the United States and my private business Venture I decided to create a separate page for every member of the family including a page just about me. I put on my page the content I already had and started extending it a bit to include more about my past and the time when I was still living in Germany.My time as ASCII & ANSI Artist with the pseudonym “Roy/SAC”, my BBS Closed Society suddenly came back into my mind. It was back then “my life” and not just a “hobby”. I was very serious about it and dedicated not only the biggest piece of my spare time for it but also a big chunk of my income as student and later salary. I realized that this was a topic I should create at least one page just for itself. So I started one at which was moved to its own website in 07/2006 to (edited 12/2006)When I started writing the content, talking about people, groups and locations a began to[…]

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